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Toys and Action Figures

  • Apr 03, 2014

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Toys and Action Figures

If you’re a toys, dolls or action figure collector, then you’ve probably heard of the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA). This company offers all the latest action figures from their cult-classic movies such as ET, A Nightmare on Elm Street, RoboCop, Harry Potter, Alien and much more. NECA are one of the international leaders of licensed consumer goods. They are constantly updating their doll and action figure ranges to keep up with the best cult TV shows and movies. Online retailers such as GRT4TOYS are proud to be able to stock products from the NECA range.


Some of their notable items includes a lifesize sculpture of ET which is a huge 91cm tall. This is a prop replica stunt puppet which looks impressively life-like and filled with the smallest details. Another winning product by NECA is the Freddy Krueger action figures from the Nightmare on Elm Street series. You could also opt for one of the aliens from the Predators series, which feature frightening details of the alien’s body. These dolls are perfectly accurate to the characters in the movies or TV shows, and some of the figures come with the props which their real character had owned.

Visit online retailer GRT4TOYS to see the NECA range, as well as other action figures and dolls from some of the most renowned TV shows and cult-classic movies. The merchandise is all licensed which allows their details to be accurate and of the highest quality.

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