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NECA toys and why our kids love them

  • Mar 22, 2014

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The National Entertainment Collectibles Association has been delivering the best movie and TV related toys to the market for years and with the rise of very popular movies like Star Wars, Iron Man, Pacific Rim and older movies like Predator and Nightmare on Elm Street the collectible industry and really taken off.  There are plenty of kids out there that would love to collect their favorite movie character in toy form and sometimes there is even a good reason to invest in some of them as they can be worth movie when left in pristine condition.

We bring you the best from the NECA, Mesco Toys and Sideshow Toys, including Nightmare on Elm Street Series 4 Powerglove Freddy, Child’s Play 15-inch Chucky Doll, and many options that are considered 1/6 scale from the Iron Man 3 movie.  The movie and television industry have brought the best of the best to our living rooms and now you can enjoy the figures for the rest of your life.  Some of the movies have been cult classics such as the Evil Dead and Gremlins, but the mainstream movies like Iron Man and Predator have also produced some of the best collectibles the market has seen in a long time.

Collecting that toys for kids is not the only reason for buying them as we mentioned earlier.  These types of collectibles can be worth money to the right person over time and as the limited editions start to disappear off the market.  Comic book owners know the exact value of each of their prized possessions and that would be the same with any of the movie characters that we sell.  Getting a ¼ scale Iron Man Mark XXI from Marvel in Midas armor is not likely to be purchased by that many people making the value of the figure worth even more.

Robocop was another favorite among those that were living through the 80’s and 90’s and for less than $50 you can get a 7-inch tall Robocop figure to add to your collection.  Kids that grew up watching these movies over and over because they were the best movies of the time and so new to the public will want these toys because they remind them of their childhood.  Plus they look awesome on a shelf with the rest of your collectibles and will certainly always be a conversation starter at the next family gathering.

The action figure market and movie collectible market have been booming for years and with the caliber of big box office movies like Pacific Rim, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and more coming each year, things are not likely to be slowing down at any point.  The NECA blog has a ton of information about what you can expect to see soon, in fact the latest blog post shows that Evil Dead 2 Hero Ash and Deadite Ash Clothed figures that are expected to arrive in stores sometime this year.

One of the hottest summer movies that is expected to take the box office by storm this year has Captain America as the main character.  You will be able to get the battle damaged character at ¼ scale when it hits the stores this June.  The figure looks just like Chris Evans and comes with interchangeable hands and Cap’s shield and straps for you to admire. 

Basically, as long as good, high grossing blockbusters are coming to the theaters, these characters will be getting released by the top toy manufacturers in the business.  All you have to do is pick them up and add them to your collection.

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